A dynamic team that’s down-to-earth and dedicated to growth.

The Sunripe team standing proudly in their packing warehouse.

Our story.

We’re a family-run farming business in Bundaberg that’s grown fruit and vegetables for generations. What started as a small snacking tomato farm has evolved into a national business with a reputation for quality, reliability and fresh produce that tastes great.

Today, we have multiple farms, a state-of-the-art facility and a 300+ team that services major stores and markets across Australia. And as well as the snacking tomatoes we’re most famous for, we’ve added gourmet tomatoes, capsicum, zucchini, peas and watermelon to our range.

We’re proud of our outstanding reputation – noteworthy customer service and exceptional produce full of nourishment and flavour. We know this is thanks to our dedicated team. And while we’ve expanded and become more sophisticated and competitive, we’ll always be a family-run business at heart. 

Some of the leadership team walking through one of Sunripe's fields.

Our farm and philosophy.

Bundaberg is a heritage farming region in Queensland on the cusp of the Southern Great Barrier Reef. The climate here is temperate and bountiful with fertile soils, fresh air and clean waters – and we want to keep it that way. We are uniquely placed to grow all year round, meaning year-round employment and a consistent product supply.

We believe in the goodness that field farming brings to the land, to the farmers and to the food you put on your plate. And we know that farming must go hand in hand with environmental stewardship. That’s why we use our natural resources wisely and are constantly improving practices to sustain this magical region we call home.

Our values


A journey of care from seed to shelf 

We grow our crops with care and expertise, picking and packing at the height of freshness and taste. Each piece of fruit and vegetable is inspected meticulously before it’s packed, and our reputable distribution partners ensure its ongoing quality is kept intact.

We follow the sun and let the earth recharge

The quality of the food we eat starts with the soil it was grown in. We follow natural growing seasons, rotating crops so the earth can restore and replenish. This, together with natural sunlight, gives our crops their satisfying taste and higher levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


Caring for our people with recognition and respect

We know that the outstanding quality of our produce and our business success comes down to one thing – our people – who show consistent dedication every day. We champion fair and safe work conditions and always congratulate a job well done.

Sharing a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction

Each person at Sunripe has an important job to do. And every step counts – from the farm to the store. Ultimately, we all work together to better serve our customers, advance food quality, safety and abundance and leave the earth better than we found it.


Where nature and technology meet

Our land is bountiful and we need to protect it. We invest in smart technology to reduce our environmental footprint, increase farm efficiency and improve crop quality so we can continue to provide nutritious, delicious food now and in the future. 

Continuous improvement

Our goal is to create an economically viable, environmentally sustainable business for the next generation and contribute to a thriving rural community. We are always looking to improve.

Meet our people.


Luke De Paoli
Director | Operations & Business Development
Jason Gatt
Director | Farming
Dean De Paoli
Samara De Paoli
Administrative Director


Shaun Beale
Operations Manager
Brady Gatt
Supply Chain Manager
James Coonan
Farm Manager
Lina Guarin
HR Officer
Shannon McMonigal
Finance Officer
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At Sunripe, we embrace diversity and welcome all people, no matter their ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation or gender identity. We conduct our business ethically and support the health and wellbeing of our land and our community.

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